Aimer Kyoto - 200 adresses à partager

Aimer Kyoto - 200 adresses à partager
Aimer Kyoto - 200 adresses à partager


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Do you discover Kyoto for the first time or do you think you know this city at your fingertips? Do you want to discover the most popular addresses of the locals or explore more of this nice little neighborhood that seduced you during your last visit? This unusual guide has everything to please you, because it lists these places that make Kyoto a destination so endearing, but it pinpoints especially the less known addresses of tourists as good tips that we refer only insiders.
Where to taste the best specialties of the region? What temples and gardens to explore to discover the traditional face of the city? Where to stay for an exceptional experience? Where to discover the secrets of well-being of the country of the Rising Sun? The carefully selected addresses in this guide will make you love Kyoto!

To better accompany you in this (re) discovery of the city, Murielle Hladik, passionate about Japanese culture who lived for many years in Kyoto, surveyed the city in all its dimensions. She also organized, with her company Kairos Art consulting, events highlighting contemporary art and traditional craftsmanship. In this guide, she offers you no less than 200 favorites, tested and approved.