Du sens dans l'utile

Du sens dans l'utile
Du sens dans l'utile
French version


by Françoise Darmon
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23 x 31 cm


It is now necessary for utilitarian objects to have meaning. Our society is undergoing profound transformations that are leading CEOs to take into account the need for products to have an identity. The way objects are consumed has changed. They now have to play more than one role ; they have to satisfy a cultural need.

Today, economic success faces challenges and requires new attitudes. The issue is a concrete one. Companies see themselves as taking on an educational and cultural role. They create the objects that make up our environment. It is vital for them to collaborate with architects and designers who are able to think of objects differently and to give them meaning. Du Sens dans l'Utile examines this conjunction of two needs and two languages. It takes the form of a dialog centered on eight fruitful collaborations.

This book sheds light on the relationship between companies and design. Rather than elaborating a theory, it highlights a state of affairs and focuses on the key role of creativity in companies.

The power of these exceptional collaborations, with their various technological, sociological and cultural implications, offers receptive, culturally curious readers a new approach to their environment.

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