Le savoir-vivre de la Parisienne... ou pas !

Le savoir-vivre de la Parisienne... ou pas !
Le savoir-vivre de la Parisienne... ou pas !


French version

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138 pages
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"To be irreplaceable, you have to be different," said Coco Chanel. Being Parisian is not a question of place or birth, it is a state of mind, a way of life, an elegance of studied simplicity. The arrogant, snobbish or annoying Parisian is sometimes said. But his keen sense of humor and his keen eye on the world more than make up for this. Because the Parisienne is a symbol, that of the real woman; the expression of a flattering and demanding ideal.
Knowing that she is the best spokesperson for her city, she struggles not to disappoint, tracking wrinkles and unwanted pounds, ruining herself in creams and small black dresses simple and tasteful. It's his politeness to her. Yes, the Parisian is keen to live up to her role. Laurence Caracalla unveils her tricks, decrypts her codes, tells what you absolutely need to know to become a perfect Parisian: everyday, in the street, on foot or by car, in dinners or in her dressing room.
It details its faults and its qualities, which it does wonderfully and must be imitated, its fads to avoid. Entertaining and witty, a precious reminder for a contemporary lifestyle piquant, elegant and discreet.