Salad bowl Santorini

Salad bowl Santorini
Salad bowl Santorini
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Painted ceramic melamine

Culinary art, Bowls and carafes


The Serafino Zani family is originated in Lumezzane locating in the Italian province of Brescia and is notable for its metalwork in Europe since fifteen century. Over the centuries, the in-depth knowledge of the processing of steel has been representing the heritage of the residents in the sub-alpine valleys to the north of Brescia. Founded in 1912, the family business established the first mechanized factory in 1963 to produce a good assortment of stainless-steel kitchenware and tableware.

Serafino Zani has entered its first 100 years in 2012, infusing four essential elements which are crafts, quality, innovation and design into its products. Adhering to the design philosophy of "culinary art", Serafino Zani pays attention to every procedure and product and keeps introducing elegant kitchenware and tableware with high quality and unique appearance.

Serafino Zani insists on not only the product but also the concept of the brand and participates actively in the social welfare activities. The company has built an Astronomical Observatory on Mount San Bernardo and created a musical association providing free music courses to students in Lumezzane. "Developing the enterprise, contributing to the society" is also the vital core value of Zani Family.