Smala statuette

Smala statuette
Smala statuette


Design: Ionna Vautrin
Made in France
Made from 100% materialsrecovered (falling carpentry)
Atelier Emmaüs acts for social inclusion by training in the work of the object and the manufacture of responsible furniture.

Dimensions: 14 cm - 17 cm - 20 cm x 7 cm x: 5cm

Hauteurs 14 cm - 17 cm - 20 cm / largeur : 7 cm / profondeur : 5cm
Decoration, Souvenir decoration, Exhibition


Small figurine easy to offer and to place in a house, Smala is a small stele whose face and color change according to its moods. Once reunited, the 3 statuettes with slightly varied proportions transform into a real family. In characters or animals, you will want to adopt them!

Smala statuettes are made in our workshop-school in Lyon, from scraps of frames or scenography.

Composed of a single piece of shaped and painted wood, the Smala are simple objects, which imagine our hope in a fairer society: they refer to what humans have of universally smiling while affirming diversity. Seeing them together gives us strength!

ATTENTION These statuettes are sold individually. 6 models to choose from, please specify your choice when ordering:
Model 1: 14cm high sky blue base, dog head design
Model 2: 17cm high yellow base, drawing dog head
Model 3: 20cm high dark green base, drawing "beak"

Model 4: 14cm high black base, drawing sleeping face
Model 5: 17cm high red base, surprised face design
Model 6: 20cm high dark blue base, face design

Each of these objects is unique and meticulously made to order at the end of the calendar quarter. Count a maximum delay of 3 months before shipment.