Wooden Doll Fish

Wooden Doll Fish
Wooden Doll Fish


H 52 x L 180 x P 33
H 35 x L 125 x P 23


The two fish - a mother and her cub - add a new theme from the animal world to the merry family of Wooden Dolls by Alexander Girard. They are distinguished from other figurines in the large collection of dolls, usually standing, by their horizontal position.

The Wooden Dolls by Alexander Girard are a large family of wooden figures representing human figures and animals. Girard designed them in 1953 for his own use as decorative objects in his house in Santa Fe. These originals, which are part of the Girard estate in the grounds of the Vitra Design Museum, served as models for the current reissues. Faithfully reproduced down to the smallest detail, the Wooden Dolls with very different characters are still today manufactured and painted by hand, just like the original versions of Alexander Girard. And even if they are distinguished only by small details, each wooden figurine is a singular product, individual, truly unique in the world.

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