Verre XX-XXI siècle

Verre XX-XXI siècle
Verre XX-XXI siècle
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Text of Jean-Luc Olivié, Véronique Ayroles
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27 x 23 cm
Arts Decoratifs Ucad
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The prism of the prestigious collection of this museum offers an original and international panorama of artistic creation in glass for a century

From 1912 to 2012, from Maurice Marinot to Yoichi Ohira, a century of glass creations is revealed in this book through a hundred works from the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. From classical inspirations and traditional firms, stemming from the origins of fire arts, to innovative visions associated with contemporary art, they are of great diversity. Glass, a chameleon-like material capable of the most deceptive imitations, takes on innumerable appearances, between opacity and translucence, matte and shiny, figurative or abstract representations. Unique pieces, limited or numbered series, all are studied in detail, the emphasis being placed as much on the works themselves as on the context of their creation.