Back Office N°3

Back Office N°3
Back Office N°3


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Bookshop, Design, Graphic design and ads, Exhibition, Exhibition - Étienne + Robial.


This third issue of Back Office looks back at the experiences of reading on screen. For several decades now, these mutations have been causing profound upheavals that we are still trying to understand. Following the possible end of linear writing announced by the "communicologist" Vilem Flusser in the 1970s, the philosopher Jacques Derrida reflected in the 1990s on the "withdrawal of paper" as the primary medium of inscription. The multiplication of screens and the beginnings of the Web open the way to forms of expression belonging to an enlarged "graphosphere", which the norms and figures of paper (the line, the sheet, the page, the paragraph, the margins, etc.) may still dominate. Would the task of designers be to smoothly accompany this passage of technical epochs or rather to postpone the passage of paper from the screen?
Back Office is an annual journal between graphic design and digital practices co-published by Éditions B42 and Fork Éditions. It explores the creative processes at play in the diversity of contemporary digital media and practices. By dealing with themes such as the relationship between code and form, the stakes of creation tools or the permeability of media, it constitutes a space for reflection in French and a vector of visibility at the international level for the French-speaking community. Entirely bilingual in French and English, Back Office is designed as an interface for the reception of a predominantly English digital culture in the French-speaking world, through commissions from foreign authors and unpublished translations.