Catalogue d'exposition L'ESPRIT DU BAUHAUS

Catalogue d'exposition L'ESPRIT DU BAUHAUS
Catalogue d'exposition L'ESPRIT DU BAUHAUS
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The heart of this book presents the diversity of the field of experimentation at school: drawing, painting, furniture, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, but also typography, photography and theater are approached from the angle of the workshops where students of the school received the teachings. The book raises the question of sources and influences that the Bauhaus could draw inspiration from: the hierarchy between master and companion inherited from the Middle Ages, taste for contrasts and composition in the Chinese and Japanese arts, but also the antecedents of German modernities, British Arts and Crafts and Viennese utopias.

The Bauhaus legacy has been considerable, and in this book is under its most contemporary that this topic is addressed: the artist Mathieu Mercier was invited to choose forty artists, designers, graphic designers or fashion designers The achievements, to his eyes embody the Bauhaus spirit at the beginning of the twenty-first century.