Unusual stories from French sport

Unusual stories from French sport
Unusual stories from French sport


Authors: Jean-Michel Cosson

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15,6 cm × 23,5 cm × 1,8 cm
Exhibition, Exhibition - Fashion & Sport, from one catwalk to another


Only sport can thrill crowds in unison, offering them moments of rare intensity. But in this book, those well-known emotions take on an extra dimension. The author takes us on a journey of discovery through insane athletes, incredible competitions and exploits marked by a touch of madness: aviator Jules Védrines landing on the roof of Galeries Lafayette; cyclist Abdelkader Zaaf, leading a stage of the Tour de France, suddenly racing against the flow; a game of pétanque that claimed...
38 victims in Marseille! And what about the tragic destinies of Alex Villaplane, who went from being captain of the French soccer team to the French Gestapo; of these rugby heroes - irreducible enemies on the pitch - who died side by side in the trenches of the Great War; of the greatest wrestling champion of all time, who died trapped in a common fishing net? Written with an incisive, moving, truculent pen, the incredible destinies of these French champions plunge us into a spectacle and competitions from which we don't emerge unscathed.
Are you ready to take up these challenges and enter the changing rooms?