Black Sphere Julien Vermeulen

Black Sphere Julien Vermeulen
Black Sphere Julien Vermeulen
€4,000 Unavailable


Straight cut black goose shells
Diameter : 30 cm.

Exhibition, Exhibition Luxes, Decoration, Unique Pieces


Represented since 2020 by Parisian house, Julien vermeulen was presented for the first time by the gallery in January 2020, during the exhibition "La Promenade du Collectionneur" at the Hotel Solvay in Brussels. Innovate, renew, push back the technical limits of the material: these are the demands of Julien Vermeulen, winner 2018 of the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation Prize for the Intelligence of the Hand - Exceptional Talents. With respect for the traditions of plumasserie, he explores the limits of his favorite material, the feather, by diversifying its use as an artistic material.
He researches and reinvents different technical processes to transform the appearance, color, texture, shape. Burnt, curled, colored, woven, glued ... peacock, ostrich, goose or pheasant feathers are ready to enter the stage, and become in turn a painting, a wall panel, a decorative element, an ornament or a sculpture.

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