Broche Anemone Rainbow Pm

Broche Anemone Rainbow Pm
Broche Anemone Rainbow Pm


Fabric 100% silk.
Each petal is cut out one by one with a punch, The brooch is hand made in France in one of the last Parisian workshops, Back finishing in lamb leather, The brooch on the back is silver plated, The flower can also be worn as a headband or bracelet.

Dimensions: width 15cm x length 19cm

Fashion accessories, Accessories, Exhibition, Exhibition Luxes


Founded in 2000 by Wies Schulte, INDRESS is an ideal women's wardrobe, free from the dictates of fashion. Vibrant and subtle colours, noble and refined materials, perfect and timeless cuts, delicate and unexpected flowers that enchant the ordinary... Free, simple, moving and feminine, INDRESS has not finished sublimating women.

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