Perfume Nacarat

Perfume Nacarat
Perfume Nacarat
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Flacon spray 50ml

Patchouli from Indonesia
South African marigold
Bergamot from Calabria

All concentrates of Marcelle Dormoy fragrances are produced at Domaine Sainte-Blanche, on the heights of the french city of Grasse.

Exhibition, Exposition Harper's Bazaar, premier magazine de mode


Marcelle Dormoy Fragrances are much more than just scents. They are bold, inspired by the multifaceted personality of femininity, they give life to a character in its own right.

Nacarat, a generous fragrance, for women who find meaning in harmony with those around them. She seduces with her big heart and her benevolent initiatives. Both sensual and floral, it envelops the wearer, surrounding it with a generous aura.

Marcelle Dormoy embodies a timeless ambition, that of undertaking her choices. She has established herself as a spokesperson for female audacity since 1927.
Marcelle Dormoy, an avant-garde woman, fulfilled through the many experiences she undertook, struggled daily to prove that a woman can, and must have the ambition to achieve it.
She inspires the woman of today, by an open look on the world. Each of them commits to daring and to exploring their abilities. Multiply the sensations, fully live the meaning of your life, undertake and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you ... that's the Dormoy signature!

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