Christian Lacroix, histoires de mode

Christian Lacroix, histoires de mode
Christian Lacroix, histoires de mode


Textes de Christian Lacroix, Patrick Mauriès et Olivier Saillard.
Photographies de Grégoire Alexandre.
Editions Les Arts Décoratifs

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23 x 30 cm
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Creator among the most outstanding and most fertile of the moment, Christian Lacroix is also, by training and taste, a true scholar of the history of fashion and costume. To celebrate the twenty years of the creation of his house, he chose to leave the traditional framework of the retrospective and to venture, for months, in the reserves of the Museum of Fashion and Textile. He exhumed all the historic clothes or creators that seemed to him worthy of a particular interest. Grouped by themes, distinguished by such detail of cut, texture or pattern, they are compared with his own creations, creating a game of echoes and crossings between the present and the past. The result is a real imaginary museum, along with an interpretation and an exciting personal story of fashion.