Essentiels - Essentials

Essentiels - Essentials
Essentiels - Essentials


Sophie George designed and authored Essentials-Essentials. A graduate of the IFM, she divides her time between a consulting activity, teaching fashion management and writing. She is also the author of the books Le Garment from A to Z and Clawed published by the editions folbalas.

Isabelle Gonnet has sharpened her pen to illustrate the Essentials-Essentials boards. Stylist-modelist by training, she freelances in style offices and trains future stylists every year at the Esmod International School in Paris.

Ed. Bilingual French-English

Number of pages
80 pages
Publication date
18,0 cm × 22,5 cm × 1,2 cm
Bookshop, Fashion


With Essentiels - Essentials, Anatomy of Fashion Essentials? all those who favor the visual as a mode of learning or communication, will be able to give heart to joy and dissect a sharp selection of the great classics of fashion thanks to the 60 anatomical boards dedicated to them.

At a glance, anglophones and francophones will find the right word in French and English, to designate a particular fashion classic and such or such details that characterize it.

Essentials-Essentials is a collection of drawings on the great classics of fashion: - the silhouettes (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s?) That inspire fashion in a recurring way, - the basic clothes of the wardrobes ( perfecto, duffle-coat, suit, jeans, overalls, draped dress?), - timeless accessories (game bag, duffel bag, moccasins, aviator glasses ...).