A passion for movement - The Fusalp story

A passion for movement - The Fusalp story
A passion for movement - The Fusalp story


Author: Mohamed El Khatib

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Fusalp is much more than just a ski equipment manufacturer: it's an iconic brand, a story of passionate people, a French epic just the way we like it! The book retraces the history of this pioneering mountain clothing brand, directly inspired by the world of downhill skiing and French elegance. Founded in 1952 by two visionary tailors on the shores of Lake Annecy, Fusalp is now celebrating 70 years of design, with technicality, elegance and movement as its leitmotifs.
Intrinsically linked to the myth of French Olympic skiing and to innovative, comfortable materials, the Fusalp identity has weathered the vicissitudes of the textile industry with constantly renewed inventiveness. Since 2014, while building on its historic know-how, Fusalp has made a decisive shift by developing a universe halfway between mountain and urban chic, reaching out to a new audience.
In the city as in the mountains, Fusalp continues more than ever to serve the art of movement, while adapting to our contemporary lifestyles. Featuring previously unpublished brand archives, testimonials from emblematic figures and the pen of playwright Mohamed El Khatib, this ambitious work is an invitation, like a snow globe that we turn upside down and contemplate, to immerse ourselves in the iconic and audacious universe of a singular brand that has turned its past into a force for the future.