3 Piece Set - Muhle - Rytmo petrol blue

3 Piece Set - Muhle - Rytmo petrol blue
3 Piece Set - Muhle - Rytmo petrol blue


Material : Resin
Blade System : Closed comb safety razor
Brush Head : Black Fibre
Chrome : Yes
Replaceable brush head : No
Design Series : RYTMO

Fashion accessories, For him, Exhibition, Exhibition - Of hair and fur


The design makes a statement: RYTMO is distinguished by its minimalist conical shape, whose striking contours are aesthetically and deliberately broken up at the chrome-plated base. The result is a series whose black or petroleum lacquer variants are as attractive to the eye as shaving brushes or razors made of steamed ash wood. The RYTMO line's holder effectively protects its contents from scratches, thanks to a refined trick: a synthetic insert adapted to the curves of the metal ensures an impeccable hold.

The Material - Resin
Resin is a highly accomplished synthetic material, whose surfaces are worked and highlighted separately. This material is ideal for the realization of very exclusive accessories and pens, because it offers a very broad spectrum of classic or modern designs with a multitude of colors.

The aesthetic shapes for the design of razors and brushes are made from solid bars. Then each piece is polished in different phases to obtain particularly brilliant surfaces. This manufacturing process gives these models a very pleasant touch and ensures their beauty for many years.

The Shaving Head - Closed Comb
Noble design and mechanical precision. The MÜHLE safety razor with closed comb promises a thorough and protective shave. In contrast to the open-comb safety shaver, the edge has no openings. Handled at a more closed angle, this razor allows for a smoother shaving technique that is accessible to beginners after a few practice sessions. Refined contours and clear lines in front of the beard are a matter of honor.

The Brush Head - Black Fibre
Innovative for the future: with its dark color, flexibility and quality, this synthetic fiber is a sustainable answer to the expectations of our time. Black Fibre resembles real badger hair, but is stronger and more durable, and slightly softer at the tips than natural hair. This invention from the MÜHLE factory produces a particularly smooth lather. The cleaning and drying process is significantly faster.