Dessin en décoration intérieure

Dessin en décoration intérieure
Dessin en décoration intérieure


French version

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223 pages
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This book is for anyone who wants to learn the job of interior decorator and who in particular wants to acquire a freehand drawing methodology applied to this profession: students, adults in retraining, professional development. Of course, although it deals with the technical and codified aspects of industrial design and architectural design, the profession of interior decorator emphasizing aesthetic skills, it also largely covers the uses of artistic drawing in the exercise of the profession.
In particular, he describes a method of inspiration, in the design phase of a project, based on the production of research plates. The reader will learn to track ideas and thus renew his creativity. For this second edition, widely revised and expanded, Karine Mazeau also includes an approach to CAD techniques. This book is very professional, generous advice, is a reference on the subject.