Guide des meubles et des styles

Guide des meubles et des styles
Guide des meubles et des styles
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About the Author :
Françoise Deflassieux is a graduate of history and history of art. After working for several years at Parisian antique dealers, she became a specialist journalist in the art and antiques market. She is also a regular contributor to the Doctor's Daily and the Better Living Your Money magazine. She is also the author of an Argus of silverware (Dorotheum Editions) and various books on the furniture of the French provinces.

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What distinguishes a Louis XV commode from a Louis XVI commode? What about Art Nouveau, Art Deco? What is a Molitor piece of furniture? ... All the answers to everyone's questions are found in this very clear and very complete guide that will appeal to all bargain hunters and antique lovers. This book, consisting of three parts, is not only abundantly illustrated but also very practical and remarkably documented. A book resolutely practical in its use, essential to learn to recognize an authentic furniture of a copy and become an enlightened amateur.