Carafe LOOP

Carafe LOOP
Carafe LOOP


Made in France
Composition: Blown glass - Bronze
Exists in Garnet-colored, Smoke and Transparent
Delivery date: 2 weeks

39 cm
Culinary art, Glasses and carafes


Made in bronze and by hand, LOOP is the new "object-jewel" of the Vanessa Mitrani collections. It is characterized by three tones of different colors and a fine and unique handle that gives a classic and contemporary look to this object.

This creation is made in an entirely artisanal way, each step is carried out by hand in the workshops of Vanessa Mitrani.

Since her first collection in 1998, Vanessa Mitrani has emerged as a special figure in the field of creation. Expert in glass, which she works in various forms, she claims her status as a designer by signing coherent collections where each piece is unique since it comes from a random process.
Vanessa Mitrani explores the work of glass in sometimes unexpected experiences. She blows it in contact with leather, porcelain, marble and fabric. Among her experiments, her glass creations constrained with metal meet with great success. She develops many of her collections around this technique, which has become one of her signatures. Her projects as an artist are not only aesthetic, but also bearers of existential reflections on which her productions feed.