Lady Carafe - Steel Blue

Lady Carafe - Steel Blue
Lady Carafe - Steel Blue
Steel Blue
€69 Unavailable


by Tomas Kral
Handwash recommended.
Also available in opal white or transparent

10 × 23 × 10 cm
Culinary art, Glasses and carafes


The throat of this carafe has the textile-like pleating of an Elizabethan queen's collar, with elegant ruffling at the neck that makes handling easy. Kral's design alludes to the glass-blowing process- -when the hot material becomes as fluid as the water or wine the pitchers will contain--and then makes that latent fluidity, solid and manifest for all time.

Nude is the creator and manufacturer of contemporary glassware for modern living. Nude looks at life through the lens of simplicity, marrying form with function, always reflecting the lifestyle of less-ordinary people. Nude fearlessly investigates innovative ideas and constantly works hard to develop dynamic collaborations with artists and designers.
Nude products are made with only one material: lead-free crystal glass, hand or machine made, that delivers a level of transparency and delicacy unparalleled in the world of glass.

Born in 1979 in Slovakia, Tomas Kral established his product design studio in 2008 in Lausanne, Switzerland. In the context of industrial production and research, Kral's approach to design is characterized by a clear preoccupation for materials and processes. In glass, cork or ceramic, Tomas Kral work on various projects ranging from products to lighting, furniture and accessories. He often takes inspiration in the tradition and ordinary situations and translate them with a touch of poetry and humor to simply, innovative solutions and clever everyday objects. In order to find a new creative approaches, shapes, details, assemblages and purposes he frequently observes and experiment with craftsmanship and the knowledge of manufacturers.

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