150 ans de publicité

150 ans de publicité
150 ans de publicité
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Text of Réjane Bargiel
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The four texts in the fifth part shed light on art and advertising, semiography, propaganda and public opinion. Richly illustrated, the book offers several levels of reading: by text, by image, and by chronology. Designed by the graphic designer Michal Batory (known for his posters at the Palais de Chaillot), and Anna Radecka, it plays on the link between text and image and is intended for everyone, the general public, students, and graphic designers.
This book offers a journey through the history of advertising in France from 1850 to the present day in all its forms, posters, sound ads, television spots, packaging. It is composed of 4 historical parts, and a fifth part containing 4 texts by specialists. The 4 historical parts each deal with 12 essential themes of the period: the first poster artists, the liberalization of the press, entertainment posters, propaganda, the thirty glorious years, cinema, agencies, brand culture, etc. They are accompanied throughout the pages by a double chronology that places the events in their context.