Le Dessin Et Les Mots

Le Dessin Et Les Mots
Le Dessin Et Les Mots


Number of pages
13,1 cm × 18,3 cm × 1,7 cm
Bookshop, Graphic design and ads, Exhibition, Exposition Étienne + Robial.


A true logbook, The Drawing and the Words delivers the daily life of Bunpei Yorifuji, Japanese art director, illustrator and graphic designer. At a time when mass communication and technological revolutions have turned the profession of graphic designer upside down, Bunpei Yorifuji shares here, in words and drawings, his working methods and the great experiences of his career. How to think the relationship between text and image? Where to draw references to feed his creative work? How to transmit complex information as simply as possible? What balance should be found between freedom and constraints in any commissioned work? The author questions the role of the designer in our contemporary societies and suggests ways to allow each one to develop a more personal practice of creation.