Le Detail en typographie

Le Detail en typographie
Le Detail en typographie


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5 x 0.28 x 8.27 inches
Bookshop, Graphic design and ads, Exhibition, Exposition Étienne + Robial.


A well thought-out and attractive layout adapted to the text holds the reader's attention and makes him want to read. On the other hand, when no care is taken with the details of the composition, the pleasure felt at first by the reader can disappear because of the efforts required by a tedious reading. Typographic detail is concerned with answering essential questions about the letter, the word, the line, the paragraph and the spacing. It considers these various visual elements that allow for optimal legibility of a text. A true tool for students of typography, it is an essential guide for graphic designers and typographers who wish to constantly question and perfect their work. It is also for designers and editors who want their publications to be not only leafed through but read in depth.

Le détail en typographie was first published in 1987 in seven languages. This book is a new and expanded French translation