Origami - Volume 1

Origami - Volume 1
Origami - Volume 1
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The author:
Guillaume Denis, doctor of the Ecole des Mines de Paris and engineer Supélec, has conducted research in the fields of signal processing, music pedagogy and video games. He works today in the 3D industry.

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This book is the first true origami course ever written!
It all starts with art and how to fold a sheet of paper in half.
Learn about the art of folding paper with this beautifully illustrated book. 41 origami lessons focused on a specific point or technique to make you a "confirmed expert"!

Guillaume Denis takes you by the hand and guides you progressively towards knowledge and achievements more and more complex, lesson after lesson, model after model. And it brings you with pleasure and ease from the level of total neophyte to that of experienced amateur.

Indeed, origami has its own techniques and its alphabet, which, if not mastered, prevent even the most experienced to progress. This reference manual dissects not only this "solfège" of the folder, but it goes further, inviting you to discover this discipline as it really is, that is to say, an art in its own right, extraordinarily rich.

An ideal book for beginners, but also for all origami lovers who want to go further in their practice.

You will find in these pages:
the necessary luggage to get you started (choice of paper, instructions for the diagrams and detailed starting folds);
41 lessons, one after the other, presenting the main symbols, terms and technical procedures (fold, special movement, etc.);
88 traditional or contemporary models to make, including animals, plants, characters and small objects;
more than 2,000 illustrations drawn by the author, showing the subtleties and tricks of this art of the fold.