Set of 5 Eco Pliers - Ron Arad

Set of 5 Eco Pliers - Ron Arad
Set of 5 Eco Pliers - Ron Arad


Dimension : 5,5x2x3 cm 8,2x2,9x5cm
Matériau : 100% plastique recyclé après consommation

Culinary art, Kitchen accessories, Exhibition, Exhibition - Légèretés manifestes. François Azambourg, designer


"Infinite", a versatile clip ideal for closing bags of pasta, bread, cookies, cereal or any other product to be stored after opening. "Infinite" is so colorful, practical and versatile that it can also be used as a hook to hang dish towels, oven gloves and potholders in the kitchen or to close detergent packets in the bathroom. Made from 100% post-consumer, 100% recyclable recycled plastic, the Infinite clip gives plastic waste a second chance, diverting significant amounts of waste from waste-to-energy or landfill.