Mobi boom ; l'explosion du design en France, 1945-1975

Mobi boom ; l'explosion du design en France, 1945-1975
Mobi boom ; l'explosion du design en France, 1945-1975
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Text of Dominique Forest
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The demographic, economic and cultural prosperity that marked the Thirty Glorious Years was accompanied by considerable social change. From 1945 to 1975, French society moved from reconstruction to widespread access to consumption and leisure. Technical innovations and the development of industry supported an optimism based on the search for well-being, which was particularly evident in homes and furniture. The post-war furniture, functional, adapted to small surfaces, likely to be produced in series, obeys from the middle of the 1960s to a hedonistic vision, even impertinent, which devotes the reign of the fluid and flexible lines, plays on the color or the transparency, and is embodied in multifunctional and modular furniture. Pierre Guariche, Marcel Gascoin, Marc Held, Joseph-André Motte, Olivier Mourgue, Pierre Paulin, Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé, Alain Richard or Roger Tallon are the main actors. This book explains how, by democratizing, modern furniture made its way into French interiors. Its broad approach - cultural, aesthetic, technical, economic history - makes it an essential book for understanding the issues at stake. It also contains a biographical dictionary of more than one hundred designers and publishers, as well as a DVD including sixteen interviews with designers, publishers and distributors of furniture from this pivotal period.