Pierre Frey ; tissus inspirés, inspired fabrics

Pierre Frey ; tissus inspirés, inspired fabrics
Pierre Frey ; tissus inspirés, inspired fabrics
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Text of Véronique de la Hougue, Sophie Rouart
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Today, perpetuating this tradition of close ties between the company and the art world, several commissions have been given to contemporary designers and artists for the exhibition, which can be found in the catalog.

Each collection is a story, a journey through time and space that is only possible thanks to the combined efforts of Patrick Frey, designers, weavers, printers and embroiderers who put their know-how at the service of a passion. As wise editors, Pierre and Patrick Frey have been able to call upon artists who have brought their personal touch and contributed to the brand's renown: Jean-Denis Malclès, Geneviève Prou, Ken Scott, and more recently, the graffiti artist Toxic, the decorator Vincent Darré or the studio Andrée Putman. Catalog of the exhibition "Tissus inspirés Pierre Frey" presented at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris from January 21 to May 15, 2016. The house of Pierre Frey, whose first loom was installed in Paris in 1934, is specialized in the creation of textiles. In the 1950s, it established itself as one of the main players in the furnishing fabric. Pierre Frey created numerous models, some of which were exclusive to decorators or designers such as Elsa Schiaparelli and Carlos de Beistegui. Since then, the company has expanded in France by creating licenses and buying factories or textile brands, and abroad with the opening of several subsidiaries. It is now managed by Patrick Frey, son of Pierre, surrounded by his three sons. Playing with eras, styles and materials, Pierre Frey dares to be eclectic and cultivates a genuine curiosity for the world around it. Flowers, foliage, birds, the marine world, travels and memories are all sources of inspiration, which can be found in the fabrics in the form of sometimes naturalistic, sometimes geometric, and often dreamlike motifs.