Bracelet Kisser

Bracelet Kisser
Bracelet Kisser
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Circonférence : 17cm, Largeur : 8cm
Fashion accessories, Watch and jewelry, Exhibition, MODERN MAHARAJAH, A PATRON OF THE 1930'S


Kisser bracelet from Kyoto Tango consists of 6 colourful resin pearls in taupe, light green, creme, sea green and light pink.
Kyoto Tango is a beautiful collection of colorful bracelets, inspired by modern Japanese design. Each bracelet is a unique piece of art in a beautiful and unique interplay of colors and materials. The artist behind Kyoto Tango puts together the individual bracelets, to create a specific unique interplay between the colors and material, which is the excact idea behind the brand.
The colorful bracelets from Kyoto Tango are one-size, and each bracelet is handmade, artfully styled and hand assembled in Denmark. Each bracelet is unique, as the appearance of beads and material may vary. This supports Kyoto Tangos strong vision of creating accessible objects for women, which both tribute their diversity and unity.

With a minimalist expression and its colour contrasts in the centre, the Kyoto Tango bracelet adds a new and cool twist to your own personal style. With the beautiful bracelets you will undoubtedly get a bracelet that will match any outfit.