Porte Parapluie Noir

Porte Parapluie Noir
Porte Parapluie Noir


Umbrella stand. Flat steel, powder-coated in black or bronze, or chrome-plated. Base wood, satin lacquered in black. Drip pan sheet steel black, bronze or grey lacquered.

Bookshop, Decorative Arts, Exhibition, MODERN MAHARAJAH, A PATRON OF THE 1930'S


The Maharajah of Indore commissioned Eckart Muthesius to build and furnish his Manik Bagh palace. Completed four years later, the palace was a masterpiece of the Art Deco style. Muthesius complemented his architecture with his own furniture and lamp designs, including the spiral-shaped umbrella stand Usha coiling upwards like a charmed snake. The original chrome-plated version reflects the environment, whereas the new colours, black and bronze, especially emphasize the lines of the design.

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