Vase 2 stones

Vase 2 stones
Vase 2 stones
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Hammered brass vase
2 set cabochons
Each piece is unique

Hauteur 17cm Diamètre 8cm
Exhibition, MODERN MAHARAJAH, A PATRON OF THE 1930'S, Decoration, Unique Pieces


The vases are hand hammered brass. They are set by an assortment of stones selected for their beauty and energetic qualities.

They are made in India. The workshop is located in a village 5 hours drive east of Delhi.
The vases are then sent to Jaipur in jewelery workshops.
The craftsmen polish the stones, insert them on the body of the vase with a brass hammered collar adjusted for each stone. The finished vase is polished and varnished to protect it from oxidation.

Small marks or irregularities are among the elements that make it unique and valuable.