Cartago 2 cups and saucer box

Cartago 2 cups and saucer box
Cartago 2 cups and saucer box


Contains two cups and two saucers
Material: porcelain

Culinary art, Mugs, glasses and cups, Exhibition


The cup exhales the aroma and taste of coffee thanks to its shape and the delicacy of its edges while retaining its warmth. The 2 cups box is the perfect gift to complete a collection.

About the designer:
Olivier Gagnère is one of the designers who have been working with the Bernardaud brand for many years. In 1993, he creates a unique cup whose singularity is to be able to match all the tables and all the uses. Since then, his creations punctuate the history of the manufacture, such as the cup, which he rehabilitates on the table or the vase he reinvents in elegant forms.
Often called designer, actually, Gagnère is at the same time glassmaker, ceramist, cabinetmaker, interior designer, decorator and designer. He draws his inspiration from the decorative arts and his works mix tradition and modernity. He defines himself as a neoclassical designer who is part of the French tradition of large ensembles. By a movement that moves the lines, he breaks with the conventions of geometry and creates a new balance.

About the Bernardaud House:
For more than 150 years, the Bernardaud company has identified itself with Limoges porcelain. Over the generations, Bernardaud has become a globally recognized actor of decorative arts and French luxury.

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