Plate Paris Tour Eiffel Black

Plate Paris Tour Eiffel Black
Plate Paris Tour Eiffel Black


In order to preserve the qualities of your Faience, we recommend to avoid any shock. The earthenware is also designed to support machine washing.

Ø 16,5 cm
Culinary art, Plates


Visiting Paris is to meet a magical city, let's wander through the emblematic districts of the Opera, the Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre, so many charming and wonderful places for romantic walks.

You want to buy a Gien fine earthenware, entirely made in the Faïencerie de Gien located in France in the Loire Valley. Gien Fine Earthenware is unique thanks to its natural composition and the quality of its creations and shapes. The dough, the molds and the enamels are entirely conceived and manufactured at the Faience factory. All stages of manufacture, from the pile of earth to the plate are realized there. A plate Gien requires 26 components and passes into the hands of 30 "masters potters", heirs of expertise of 200 years.

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