Cotton scarf Phoenix Canariensis

Cotton scarf Phoenix Canariensis
Cotton scarf Phoenix Canariensis


Colour: Black, Beige
Size: 33 x 160 cm
Fabric: 00% cotton
Made in Italy
Pattern: Flowers, Figurative

Fashion accessories, Scarves and stoles


This grey wool scarf - sewn in Italy and designed in-house in Lille - is a subtle wink to one of the most famous areas in London, which several rock'n'roll communities used to make their own: goths, punks and various altermondialists. The white lines that zigzag and cross each other on the grey background of this fringed scarf are reminiscent of the London streets, like a joyous melting-pot.
The scarf "Camden" comes in its gift box.
The Canary Palm Tree or Phoenix Canariensis in Latin, is a flowering plant from the Canary Islands. An emblematic silhouette of Mediterranean landscapes, it is the vegetal symbol of the archipelago of the eternal spring.
Delivered in its gift box, this 100% cotton scarf made in Italy, white and black tinged with purple, is perfect for the first spring rays and sweet summer evenings.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The most simple material to wash, cotton handles high temperatures. We advise you to wash it at 40°C. Avoid the dryer.
To get rid of those ungraceful wrinkles, warm up your flat iron and iron it at high temperature.

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