Pocket Square Greta

Pocket Square Greta
Pocket Square Greta


Colour: Yellow, Blue
Size: 33 x 33 cm
Fabric: 100% silk
Made in Italy
Pattern: Polka dots

Fashion accessories, Scarves and stoles


Greta Garbo, born Greta Lovisa Gustafson, was not nicknamed « The Divine » for nothing. We wanted to pay tribute to her beauty, class and talent, by creating with our Italian partner this beautiful silk pocket square.

« Greta » is a dark blue with yellow dots silk pocket square made with great care in Italy. This pocket square entirely made of Italian silk will bring a touch of elegance to your jacket or costume.

Cleaning and Maintenance
You should wash your silk pocket square by hand in cold water and that's it. Don't try anything else if you don't want to wave your silk pocket square goodbye.
You are pretty stubborn and want to use your washing machine? Pick a short cycle, and use a detergent for delicate fabrics. Mop it by putting it in a cotton cloth without wrinkling it.
If you want to iron your silk pocket square, put a towel over it to protect your accessory.

How to fold a silk pocket square?
The puffy fold, the crown fold, or the winged puff.

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