Pocket square Lobster

Pocket square Lobster
Pocket square Lobster


Colour: Blue, Red
Size: 33 x 33 cm
Fabric: 100% cotton
Made in Italy
Pattern: Animal, Figurative, Geometric

Fashion accessories, Scarves and stoles


The lobster, this crustacean often cooked at Christmas, just won a victory: scalding is now banned. After all these traumas, we decided to comfort this species with this 100% cotton pocket square dedicated to them.

Illustrating the transition from its dark blue color to a bright orange/red, this pocket square was made in Italy, and designed in-house near Lille. Lobster lovers, do not wait for special occasions to rub shoulders with the King of crustaceans.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The most simple material to wash, cotton handles high temperatures. We advise you to wash it at 40°C; 60°C for the plain white cotton. Avoid the dryer.
To get rid of those ungraceful wrinkles, warm up your flat iron and iron it at high temperature.

How to fold your pocket square?
You can wear it with a flat fold, a one or two points fold.

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