Square silk scarf Tigers and Leo

Square silk scarf Tigers and Leo
Square silk scarf Tigers and Leo
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Colour: Red, Burgundy, Green
Size: 90 x 90 cm
Fabric: 100% silk
Made in Italy
Pattern: Animal, Flowers, Colored edge

Fashion accessories, Scarves and stoles


When the King of the Jungle is not here, it's them who impose their claw. Rather Tigre or Leo, no need to make a choice, Pochette Square has ventured into the wild forest to concoct this 90x90cm silk twill scarf, exotic and tropical.

Made in Italy, all of our scarves come in a gift box.

Cleaning and maintenance
A sensitive and delicate material, wash the silk by hand in cold water. If you prefer to use your washing machine, choose a short cycle at 30°, using a detergent for delicates.
Mop it by putting it in a cotton cloth without wrinkling and let it dry at room temperature.
It is possible to iron silk but only at very low temperatures, or at normal temperature with a towel laid over to protect it.