Beautiful stride soap 100G

Beautiful stride soap 100G
Beautiful stride soap 100G


Obviously 100% French manufacturing
Cocorico, this product is 100% MADE IN FRANCE. This soap is made in Provence, placed in an envelope in an ESAT by people with disabilities in the Chevreuse Valley.

Directions for use: Rub the wet soap on the body until a creamy foam is obtained. Rinse with clean water. For best results, massage the soap generously all over the body, focusing on any areas of pain or tenderness. Suitable for daily use.

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A scented soap for rugby fans!
Are you full of energy and sporty? Stop looking for the ideal product. This year, don't miss out, opt for the "promised land" fresh grass scented soap

An invigorating, refreshing and regenerating treatment for athletes. Energetic and invigorating, the scents of our soap will be particularly appreciated by active men.

The "Terre Promise" fresh grass scented soap is recommended after sporting activities, as it offers a revitalizing moment for both the body and the mind. Without a doubt, this soap will not leave your gym bag or your shower.