Cheval Noir Georges Martin

Cheval Noir Georges Martin
Cheval Noir Georges Martin
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Material: lacquered wood
Length: 25cm - width: 8 cm Height: 19 cm
Photography: © Decorative Arts, Paris / Jean Tholance. All rights reserved
Copyright: © Christine Labrune
Acquisition of the MAD: 1988 purchase

Decoration, Souvenir decoration


The first of a series of 10, the Black Horse was born in 1942. Prisoner of war in Germany, Georges Martin began to manufacture with the rudimentary means at his disposal, a small wooden horse whose head and tail are removable . It will become a few years later the favorite toy
of his daughter Christine. Will follow 9 other toy sculptures that George Martin will realize during the 50s. Inspired by cubist and contemporary forms
Constructivist movement, the Black Horse is a reflection of a time where the decorative arts are a place in the graphic arts.

Active with Printz and Leleu designers in the 30s, he will be especially a humanist photographer recognized on the Parisian scene. In addition, his passion for the Parisian urban landscape, he worked until his death in 1962 for Rapho photography agencies, Fog cinema and for brands such as Thomson ...

By publishing the Black Horse, 1st of the series "Dad Collection", still unprecedented, Christine Labrune pays tribute to the brilliant artist and this beloved father,
too quickly gone.

Apart from this one, the originals of this series are among the collections of MAD (Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris) since 1988.