Tabouret "les Cultives"

Tabouret "les Cultives"
Tabouret "les Cultives"


Made in France
100% reuse

Haut 54cm / Diamètre environ 30cm
Decoration, Souvenir decoration, Exhibition


Created from books intended for recycling - because they are too worn, damaged, obsolete - these small tables and stools work alone or in groups, at the end of the sofa and / or at the bedside table.
Each page is carefully folded to give new life to the books. The trays are available according to your wishes, in brass, vinyl, fabric, wicker, glass, etc.

Creation of the design studio of Emmaus Alternatives. The Résilientes project was born within the integration project of the Emmaüs Alternatives association in Montreuil. It is based on a double bet: the resilience of materials and human resilience.