Espresso coffee maker Ossidiana Black 15cl

Espresso coffee maker Ossidiana Black 15cl
Espresso coffee maker Ossidiana Black 15cl
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Designer : Mario Trimarchi
Brand : Alessi

Espresso coffee maker BLACK 15 CL :
3 cups.
Diameter (cm): 8.50
Height (cm): 17.50
Content (cl): 15.00

Culinary art, Tea and Coffee


Espresso coffee maker in aluminium casting. Handle and knob in thermoplastic resin.

Attentive to the narrative capacity of objects, the Sicilian architect Mario Trimarchi designed Ossidiana espresso coffee maker. A project created, like the other ones of the designer, from memories and fragments of images narrated through an object's form.

Ossidiana coffee maker, designed by Mario Trimarchi, is made of polished aluminium. It has an appearance that enhances its ergonomics, making it consistent with the shape of the hand and ensuring an easy grip during opening and closing operations. The small knob, thermoplastic resin coated aluminium to avoid burn, looks as if it almost disappears, leaving the body of the coffeepot to showcase all of its visual powers. Ossidiana encloses the memory of the aspects that characterise the traditional moka and the volcanic stone of the same name, bringing to the kitchen all the forces of a good espresso.

About the designer:
Mario Trimarchi, an architect of the "freehand" generation, has always moved freely within the visual universe and considers drawing, photography, design and image as equal components with the same theoretical approach. In 1999 he founded his own Corporate Identity Care studio, FRAGILE. With FRAGILE he designs systems of identity, coordinated image and visual alphabets through which diverse individualities can be expressed. He is currently working on the theme of unstable geometries, which he utilises within the context of our relationships with everyday objects in an attempt to change, however slightly, our habitual patterns of living.