Infusion stem Red clover

Infusion stem Red clover
Infusion stem Red clover


Red Clover
16 Stem

Culinary art, Tea and Coffee, Grocery


Also called fox tail, this plant with unexpected shapes and colors used for a long time in Asian countries. Red clover deserves rediscovery because its taste is as exhilarating as it is relaxing. Its flavors are slightly harsh, almost woody and recall the summer flavors of fruits that are picked on the roadsides. Contains 16 stems.

THE BENEFIC is above all the experience of an infusion with incomparable flavors from a 100% artisanal production. We collect rare plants, sometimes even endemic, whose quintessence will remain preserved until it is released in the hot water of your cup. To take care of oneself goes through very small things, sometimes the most innocuous. Forget the time or the distance that separates you from the rest of the world. In a single sip and thanks to the purity of the herbal tea you drink, you connect to nature and escape where you never imagined to set foot.