T-shirt Bicentenary Rugby Bleu

T-shirt Bicentenary Rugby Bleu
T-shirt Bicentenary Rugby Bleu
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The Bicentenary T-Shirt is made from uncompromising premium cotton (100% slub cotton)
We demand local and sustainable production!
Graphics created in France, T-Shirts made in Portugal. For this reference, we offer a round neck with a straight cut.
Graphic of the rugby player in embroidery and the brand treated in print on the torso.
The T-Shirt includes a three-color interior strip and ribbed edges on the sturdy sleeves.
Product is pre-washed to prevent shrinkage and fading

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Two hundred years of rugby and some facts to discover or rediscover: unfortunately the beautiful story of William Webb Ellis who invented rugby by crossing the field with the ball in his hand during a football match in 1923 is certainly a myth. On the other hand, the sport did begin and gain popularity at the Rugby school and the sport borrowed the name of the school.

Rugby was first played at 50, then at 20 and finally at 15 (from 1875) and at that time was only a forward sport. The notion of fronts and rears did not exist. The first rules were codified in 1846 but it was in 1871 that the trip was replaced by the tackle and the forward was sanctioned by a scrum. Rugby balls were once made from pig bladders.

The first international rugby match took place in 1871 between Scotland and England. Rugby union made its entry into the Olympic Games in France and the United States. The Rugby World Cup began recently, in 1987. Since then and at each edition, the whistle used during the first match of each edition is the one that was used in 1905 during the first tour of the All Blacks in Great Britain.