Square silk scarf Toucan d'enfer

Square silk scarf Toucan d'enfer
Square silk scarf Toucan d'enfer
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Colour: Blue, Pink, Green
Size: 90 x 90 cm
Fabric: 100% silk
Made in Italy
Pattern: Figurative, Animal, Geometric, Flowers

Fashion accessories, Textiles


100% silk square scarf (twill). 90 x 90 cm.
All of our scarves come in a gift box.
Despite of its "Big Beak" nickname, this toucan won't make a noise, take it as a promise. Nevertheless, it can get yourself talked about : geometric & flowery, this silk square scarf enables you to show, at your convenience, either its graphic side or its flowery touch, coming right from the tropics and pinkly tinted.
100% silk, do not believe its visible exoticism : it has been rolled in northern Milano, and designed with love by our in-house designer in Lille.

Cleaning and Maintenance
You should wash your silk neckerchief by hand in cold water and that's it. Don't try anything else if you don't want to wave your silk square goodbye.
You are pretty stubborn and want to use your washing machine? Pick a short cycle, and use a detergent for delicate fabrics. Mop it by putting it in a cotton cloth without wrinkling it.
If you want to iron your silk square, put a towel over it to protect your accessory. If you are afraid of making a mistake, the dry cleaner will be your trusted ally in keeping this neckerchief in prime condition.