Habit n°1 Chest Bag by Sarah Levy

Habit n°1 Chest Bag by Sarah Levy
Habit n°1 Chest Bag by Sarah Levy


Chest Bag in soft leather. The shoulder strap and the chest size are adjustable. Silver metal parts.

Color : black or red
Chest size : S = 78-86cm / M = 84-92cm
Leather : calfskin for Maison Delvaux
Made in France

Sarah Levy's commitment to a sustainable approach is implemented in every aspect of production, respect for manufacturers, upcycling for deadstock materials are her priorities. To do so, Sarah has the support of Maison Delvaux that offers her their leather coming from the best French tanneries.

Bookshop, Fashion, Exhibition


Belgian designer Sarah Levy materializes our contemporary habits in the form of accessories and turns our daily life with humor and poetry.

Break the codes by wearing this creation, designed to give a practical aspect to an accessory well known by all women: the bra. By diverting it from its original use, the designer Sarah Levy highlights it. It is no longer worn hidden under clothing, it is on the contrary visible and proudly displayed. It accessorizes any outfit with elegance. With its pockets, you don't have to carry another bag with you: you wear it.

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