"Nous" vase - Lucas Huillet

"Nous" vase - Lucas Huillet
"Nous" vase - Lucas Huillet


Decoration, Unique Pieces, Exhibition, Paris Design Week


**This product is presented as part of PARIS DESIGN WEEK, taking place from September 7 to 16. Available in limited stock, you can discover the rest of the products by designers and alumni of the Camondo school directly in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs boutique bookshop.

The Nous vase was born out of the Le récit project, a reinterpretation of the object of the same name. As with the first object in the project, this vase is told through a short story.
"This object is the symbol of our union. I entrusted myself to you, and you entrusted yourself to me. From this mutual gift of self was born a common bond. A common that is not a fusion, but a part of each of us that we share. A us that unites us to each other and that I can count on."
This vase is made up of two half-vases attached together by a rope link that runs right through it. This link binds the two halves together, giving them stability and balance. On this object, I wanted to play with the contrast of an organic rope and a certain rigor in the ceramic design. In a break with my previous highly organic ceramic work, this vase plays with the technicality of molding to create flatness, perforations and an invisible base.