Vase Y3 - Anaïs Junger

Vase Y3 - Anaïs Junger
Vase Y3 - Anaïs Junger


Sold individually
Y3 - blue blown glass, cane-molded - 2021
Dimensions : W20xD10xH25cm
2 pieces available. Unique piece with certificate of authenticity, developed at the Centre International d'Art Verrier. Sold without the plasturgy mold used by master glassmakers during blowing. Additional prints available on request.

Decoration, Unique Pieces, Exhibition, Paris Design Week


This product is presented as part of PARIS DESIGN WEEK, taking place from September 7 to 16. Available in limited stock, you can discover the rest of the products by designers and alumni of the Camondo school directly in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs boutique bookshop.

Is industrial molding just duplication? By diverting plastic moulds into a glass art factory, "Formes Libres sous Influence" expresses the constraint imposed on the material by the mould, and the freedom created by the breath.