Vase Totem Marie-Victoire coca

Vase Totem Marie-Victoire coca
Vase Totem Marie-Victoire coca


Decoration, Vases


It was in May 2016 that Marie-Victoire Winckler began her collection of Totem vases and pendant lights. She began her research in Tunisia where she found highly textured blown glass and traditional ceramics, but it is in Portugal that she produces today, working with the excellence of Portuguese craftsmanship.

The idea is to take traditional techniques and enhance them with a contemporary design combining several techniques.

She creates a series of vases using glass as a textile to dress it and ceramic as an ornamental accessory.

The interest of this glass is on the one hand the ambiguity that it evokes, between fabric and marble, between something soft and something rigid and on the other hand that this matter lives differently according to the time to which we look at it. Sometimes translucent sometimes opaque depending on the light of the day.