Wang & Söderström - Sebae vessel

Wang & Söderström - Sebae vessel
Wang & Söderström - Sebae vessel
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Created with 3D printing and molding techniques the vessels are made of
Jesmonite - water based acrylic resin/mineral composite.

Decoration, Vases


107RIVOLI invites COLLECTIBLE to create an environment representative of the young, contemporary design scene.

Wang & Söderström is a Copenhagen based transdisciplinary studio with a focus on digital/physical exploration. The studio wants to throw out pre-existing conventions regarding the digital, emphasising the emotional and tactile side of materials, objects and textures to give the digital a more human, relatable quality and create more meaningful connections.

The Setae vessel belongs to the Low Tide Collection, representing the kind of things that appear when the ocean is pulled away during a low tide. Lifeforms that are shaped to survive in underwater conditions but also sometimes inhabit this otherworldly and temporary landscape that is a low tide.

Limited edition.