Zig_Vase couleur - Emmanuel Hugnot

Zig_Vase couleur - Emmanuel Hugnot
Zig_Vase couleur - Emmanuel Hugnot
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Stoneware vase 12/12/H23 cm - 3D clay printing
The Zig_Vase is the result of parametric pattern research specific to 3D clay printing.
The zig_zag pattern gives structure to the piece during printing, while at the same time
produce a play of shadows and tactile textures on the surface of the object.

Decoration, Vases, Unique Pieces, Exhibition, Paris Design Week


Craft description:
Emmanuel Hugnot is an industrial designer specializing in the practice of digital
combining traditional skills with digital manufacturing and computational technologies.
and computation. It is the manufacture of machine tools that enables him to freely explore
to freely explore digital manufacturing techniques, and thus create his own
creative processes according to his specific needs.